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Phileo by Lesaffre releases guide on fermentation solutions for shrimp farming

The initiative marks a new step for the company’s development in aquaculture, complementing their previously released program for tilapia.

April 8, 2024

Phileo by Lesaffre unveiled Program Aquasaf Shrimp, a comprehensive program providing practical guidance on the use of fermentation solutions for shrimp producers. The program builds on a decade of research and development on yeast and bacteria, probiotics and postbiotics. It also highlights case studies conducted with numerous institutes and commercial partners around the globe.

Comprising of three key pillars, Program Aquasaf Shrimp provides knowledge and applied solutions to some of the most important challenges associated with intensive shrimp farming. These challenges include mortalities caused by Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) or White Spot Disease (WSD), inconsistent growth and feed performances resulting from chronic oxidative stress and gut dysbiosis, as well as the dependency on marine ingredients and antimicrobial substances.

“We are beyond excited to introduce Program Aquasaf Shrimp,” said Jean-Benoit Darodes de Tailly, global program manager for aquaculture at Phileo by Lesaffre. “Our program represents a complete shift in the way we approach the problem, aimed at providing a transparent view of the mechanisms of action of our solutions and their benefits across various aspects of health, nutrition, and in different farming situations. It is a tool that supports and empowers professionals with knowledge, assisting them in the decision-making process when developing preventive care strategies”.

A comprehensive user manual accompanies the program. Download the user manual here.