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Partnership to integrate microbiome solutions for a more sustainable shrimp industry

JALA signed a strategic partnership with Luminis Water Technologies to equip shrimp farmers with advanced technologies.

Credits: Jala
May 23, 2024

JALA signed a strategic partnership with Luminis Water Technologies, a supplier in microbiome intelligence and molecular tools for aquaculture sustainability. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in strengthening the shrimp farming industry by integrating the Luminis-developed NGS-guided precision probiotics and solutions into JALA's farmer platform.

With a shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and enhancing food security, JALA and Luminis Water Technologies are poised to bring about transformative changes in shrimp farming practices. Leveraging Luminis Water Technologies' expertise in microbiome intelligence and molecular solutions, JALA aims to equip shrimp farmers with advanced technologies that boost production, eliminate disease events, and promote environmental stewardship.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Luminis Water Technologies in our mission to strengthen the shrimp farming industry," said Liris Maduningtyas, CEO at JALA. "This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide innovative solutions for shrimp farmers that drive sustainable yields and ensure food security. By integrating Luminis Water Technologies' cutting-edge tools into our farmer platform, we are eager to enhance productivity, reduce environmental impact, and elevate the overall performance of shrimp farms across Indonesia."

Through this partnership, JALA will integrate Luminis Water Technologies' NGS microbiome solutions into its farmer platform. It will provide farmers with actionable insights, customized advanced precision probiotics for optimizing shrimp cultivation practices, and pathogen management solutions. By harnessing the power of microbiome intelligence and molecular tools, farmers will be equipped to make informed decisions, enhance yield, and foster healthier shrimp populations.

"We’re very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with JALA in driving sustainable innovation within the aquaculture industry," said Rachelle Jensen, CEO at Luminis Water Technologies. "By combining our expertise in microbiome intelligence and molecular tools with JALA's comprehensive shrimp cultivation management platform, we aim to empower shrimp farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive market. Together, we are committed to advancing sustainable shrimp farming practices and ensuring a more secure food future for generations to come."