SalMar and Nippon Gases sign waste heat deal

SalMar will utilize the waste heat from Nippon Gases' production process to heat its farm.

September 12, 2023

Nippon Gases and SalMar Settefisk signed an agreement to utilize the waste heat from Nippon Gases' production of air gases into SalMar farm. This sustainable collaboration underlines both companies' commitment to green initiatives.

The companies are located side by side on the Tjuin industrial area in Malm outside Steinkjer, and SalMar Settefisk and Nippon Gases already have a long-term agreement for the direct supply of oxygen to SalMar's new smolt plant.

The collaboration between the companies is now taking a new direction as Nippon Gases undertakes to deliver waste heat from its production process to SalMar. The latter will use this to heat their facility.

Lars Borgli, managing director of Nippon Gases Norway, said that “this sustainable agreement with SalMar marks another step forward on the road to the green shift within Norwegian industry. It clearly demonstrates the potential that arises when several actors are co-located. By implementing circular solutions, we achieve benefits that benefit all parties involved.”

“This partnership between Nippon Gases and SalMar highlights the importance of good collaboration across industrial areas to realize environmental and economic benefits. It represents a constructive step towards a more sustainable and efficient utilization of resources, while at the same time, it confirms both companies' commitment to a greener future,” said SalMar sustainability manager, Mats Wærøe Langseth.