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Florida pompano RAS expansion to be the first Alpha Aqua’s North American project

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Alpha Aqua A/S was selected as the key technology and systems provider for a major RAS production expansion of Florida pompano RAS startup, Aquaco.

Aquaco aims at producing one million pounds per year at its Florida pompano RAS production facility in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The company has demonstrated at their pilot nursery and grow-out facility that RAS production of the Florida strain of pompano is practical, efficient and reliable. With current production at about 2,000 pounds per week, the market for their fish is exceptional. And the local chefs are inspired to create signature dishes that spice up their menus.

On a similar technology development trajectory, Alpha Aqua A/S was formed several years ago in Denmark. The company has designed and is now manufacturing the Alpha LineTM, an advanced integrated RAS grow-out system based on decades of Nordic and other global RAS experience. The Alpha LineTM production modules are pre-manufactured, factory tested, containerized and shipped for easy, rapid installation and startup.

“We are totally delighted to be selected by Aquaco to take on this critical role in their aquaculture facility development. We recently announced our plans to establish project delivery services in North America. This is our first project in the U.S. and thus will be a flagship project for Alpha Aqua A/S,” Ramón Pérez, COO at Alpha Aqua A/S said.

“Facilities, infrastructure and aquaculture system planning, design and construction are an integral part of our Ft. Pierce facility operations. Our in-house production and facilities development team has been instrumental in the RAS technology vetting and selection process. We are looking forward to having “fish in the water” the second half of 2021,” said Dan Farkas, COO at Aquaco.

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