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Australian Museum - Larval Fishes

This site is designed to assist in the identification of fish larvae from temperate Australia, in particular NSW. It provides taxonomic descriptions of fish larvae and reference material for temperate fish species.

Included are:

~  Larva description of:

  • Labridae: Wrasses
  • Aulopidae: Sergeant Bakers and Aulopus
  • Monodactylidae: Diamondfishes, Moonfishes and Silver Batfishes
  • Aploactinidae: Velvetfishes
  • Percichthyidae: Australian freshwater basses, perches and cods

~ Glossary and figures
~ A list of the primary references for identifying the larval fishes of temperate Australia as well as Larval Fish Research at the Australian Museum
~ Adult Fish
~  Images

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