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Hendrix Genetics, INCAR partnership to find genetic strategies against sea lice

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Hendrix Genetics and the Chilean Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR) signed a scientific-technological agreement to study the genomic bases of the response of Atlantic salmon against sea lice. The objective is to find genetic selection strategies aimed at increasing the resistance of fish families against Caligus rogercresseyi.

“Since 2012, INCAR has generated relevant knowledge on the response of Atlantic salmon and Coho to the infestation by Caligus rogercresseyi. That is why this collaborative work will allow us to access the genetic improvement program that Hendrix Genetics is carrying out in Chile and understand if the variations found in the response of fish to sea lice infections correlate with transcriptomic profiles of candidate genes. This approach will support the selection criteria for resistant families or identify highly susceptible fish with genomic criteria,” said INCAR deputy director, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate.

The trials will be performed at the INCAR research center with fish from selected families by Hendrix Genetics that will evaluate the different levels of infestation and the immune response.

In addition to research projects, the agreement will also allow both institutions to source public co-financing, support new professionals and students, develop technical-scientific dissemination activities, jointly participate in technical-scientific publications, develop patentable products and services, establish training plans for the technical personnel of both parties and, in general, all mutual cooperation in those areas that are of common interest to the two institutions.

“INCAR recognizes the importance of joint work with institutions and companies in the region in order to generate synergies to promote the development of research with high impact for the productive sectors of the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes. We will make our knowledge available to continue looking for the solutions that the industry requires,” said INCAR Center director, Renato Quiñones Bergeret.

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