GenoMar Genetics Group appoints new CEO

Gustavo Bozano has been appointed as new CEO of GenoMar Genetics Group.

Gustavo Bozano
Gustavo Bozano
April 23, 2024

Gustavo Bozano has been appointed as new CEO of GenoMar Genetics Group.

Gustavo is a Brazilian citizen and has more than 30 years of experience in the Brazilian aquaculture industry where he has held various technical, managerial and leadership positions. For 19 years, he has been the managing partner at AquaLagus Consultoria e Representação Agropecuária. The company has particularly been engaged in consultancies regarding operational and economic analysis of biological performance in tilapia production.

In addition, Gustavo has also been working as technical and operations director at Mcassab, a Brazilian tilapia producer and as commercial and marketing manager for animal feed at InVivo Group, a food and beverage manufacturing company.

“I am very excited about joining GenoMar to further develop its position as the leading tilapia genetics supplier worldwide. I have experienced the value of genetics and efficient distribution of genetic products to be a key contributor to a healthy and profitable tilapia industry,” said Bozano.

“We are pleased that Gustavo has accepted the position as CEO of GenoMar,” said chairman of the board Odd Magne Rødseth. “His reputation in the tilapia industry and extensive experience covering the entire tilapia value chain will play a decisive role in the process of continuous improvement of GenoMar products and services to our customers as well as developing the team’s skills and competencies.”

Alejandro Tola Alvarez, who has served as CEO of GenoMar Genetics Group for the past seven years, was appointed as executive director for Non-Salmonids in Blue Future Holding.

Alejandro’s history in GenoMar spans over 18 years where he worked developing GenoMar’s technology and operations in breeding and distribution, first as COO in Asia and later as CTO and CEO, positioning GenoMar as a premium brand both in Asia and LATAM and a global leader in tilapia genetics distribution.

“I want to thank the board for giving me the opportunity to lead GenoMar for seven years. I feel really proud of our contribution to a more sustainable and profitable global aquaculture through genetics and seed production. Now, I am looking forward to new opportunities within the group,” said Alejandro Tola Alvarez.

“On behalf of the board and all the employees, I would like to thank Alejandro for his strong commitment and contribution. He has been the key person leading the company in a period of great innovation and expansion of our tilapia operations in Asia and LATAM,” said Rødseth. “In his new role, Alejandro will use his comprehensive industrial experience and network in global aquaculture to support Blue Future Holding’s efforts at identifying, evaluating, and integrating new investment opportunities. He will also support current portfolio companies in their scale-up and growth journeys, including GenoMar where he will be part of the board of directors and continue to perform as director of Breeding and R&D.”