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HatcheryFM Bulletin Issue 10, 2020
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Issue 10, 2020

News headlines

Is European plaice a candidate species for aquaculture?

The last time an attempt was made to breed European plaice was in 1946 and now Norwegian scientists have resumed trials to assess the suitability of this species for commercial aquaculture production.

Benchmark delays SPR shrimp launch due to COVID-19
The company is building a multiplication center in Thailand but the commercial launch will be delayed until the shrimp market recovers.

New hatchery facility in Western Australia to boost kingfish aquaculture
Australian government approved $7 million for the construction of the nursery and the Midwest Aquaculture Development Zone to foster investment in Western Australian aquaculture.

Pontus Research increasing capacity to support aquaculture industry
The company completed a £1.2 million investment to expand its UK facilities and initiate the company expansion in Southeast Asia with a new Singapore facility that will focus on tropical marine species.

Indonesia to increase sustainable shrimp farming
The country designed a road map for the development of sustainable shrimp farming that aims to increase shrimp exports by 250%.

New Resources

Diagnostic manual for European seabass and seabream

An up-to-date guideline providing current methodologies for a harmonized approach to the health challenges due to viral and bacterial pathogens in the farming of seabass and seabream.
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The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) - 2020

World aquaculture production attained another all-time record high of 114.5 million tons in live weight in 2018 with a total farmgate sale value of $263.6 billion, according to FAO’s 2020 SOFIA report.
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The Future of Alternative Proteins and Oils in Aquaculture Feeds
An Aquafeed.com / HATCH webinar.
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Oman aquaculture production on the rise
The country, that currently produces seabream and tilapia, seeks to increase aquaculture production through new shrimp, abalone, seabream, cobia and seaweed projects.

FEAP concerns about aquaculture in Europe due to COVID-19
“European aquaculture is facing its biggest challenge for decades and, if the situation is not dealt with correctly, market risks will continue threatening in the aftermath of the sanitary crisis,” the federation said.

Funding Opportunity

BlueBio call for supply systems in the blue bioeconomy - Europe

The call funds projects that facilitate the transfer of bio-resources from harvest to processing to ensure e.g. traceability, quality, sustainability and the necessary quantity or pre-processing of the bio-resources for conversion into products for the market.
New on the Market
Signify's LED lighting helps optimize salmon growth from hatchery to on-growing stage
The new Philips Sea cage 340W fish light which helps optimize growth results for land- and marine-based cultivation of salmon and also shows proven results for other fast-growing fish species like seabass and seabream.
Supply company news

Nofitech Holding acquires water treatment suppliers for RAS

CM Aqua and Ratz Aqua were acquired by Nofitech Holding AS and look forward to applying their technology to more species than salmon.

Bayer to boost its position in shrimp farming market
The company offers pond water, environment management technologies to help shrimp farmers enhance efficiency and sustainability.

OTAQ Group invests in shrimp technology startup Minnowtech
UK-based OTAQ Group will provide technical expertise and commercial scaleup to US-based Minnowtech that provides an imaging platform to enable shrimp farmers to measure shrimp abundance to optimize feeding.
Job Opportunities  

Resident Hatchery Technician - Australia
Ornatas is looking for a resident hatchery technician to join its lobster breeding facility.

Hatchery and nursery managers - Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Fish company has more than 100 positions open for engineers, supervisors and technicians including hatchery and nursery managers for fish and shrimp farms.

Hatchery position openings - Qatar
Qatari company is looking for a live food technician, Artemia production supervisor and finfish nursery manager for an aquaculture farm in Al Khor, Qatar.

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